Effortless photography experiences documenting the beauty of your closest relationships


 with film and digital imagery

Timeless imagery that documents every season of life

From your wedding day to each
exciting milestone in the years to come

They’re the photos you’ll look through in the decades to come. The ones that capture your unique personalities and meaningful connections with each other.

Think of them as forever reminders of how rich and beautiful your life is because of the people you spend it with – a beautiful collection of high-quality imagery that will stay in your family for generations.

Pair this with a photographer who offers a calm, dependable presence. An effortless experience, designed to give you the freedom to focus on what truly matters - being present with your nearest & dearest. 

"Having Jana as a part of our wedding day was a delight. Her calming presence had such a positive impact on us, the wedding party, and our families. She approached her work with efficiency, care, and an attention to detail that allowed us to be present with each other and our friends and family knowing everything was handled."

- Sadie and Hunter

Kind Words

I’m a wedding and family photographer who adores the timeless look of film photographs. Candid photos full of genuine emotion put me over the moon!

I’ve spent the past 7 years as a wedding and family photographer  in my hometown of Birmingham, AL and across the Southeast.

I could name a dozen things I love about being a photographer, but at the top of any list would be building relationships with clients through the time we spend together - something I feel especially drawn to because of my background as a counselor. 

With each couple and family I photograph, I’m increasingly grateful for the time spent sharing in their joy and documenting their lives together. 



Meet Jana —

Kind Words

"Jana was a very prominent and yet invisible part of our wedding, capturing everything my husband and I hoped, and then some. Our photos exceeded my expectations. There were so many smiles (and a few happy tears) when we first looked at our gallery."

- Catherine and Spencer

An intentional relationship
with your photographer, backed by years of noting exactly what clients need and when they need it. 

A candid approach, documenting the in-between moments amongst you and the most important people in your life. 

A collection of timeless film and digital images capturing all of the beauty of your wedding day or family.

A Photography Experience that Provides ...




Kind Words

"Pat and I love our photos. LOVE. The vision we had for our day was delivered; the photos themselves are timeless with the perfect edits, and they will look amazing for years to come. We felt the pictures we took were taken with ease and comfort, and our 'comfort in the moment' is reflected in our photos"

- Molly and Pat

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